System Administration: Creating a Public/Private Key Pair

The standard procedure for creating a Secure Shell public/private key pair for UNIX-based systems (including Linux and macOS) follows. For information on additional options, see ssh-keygen.- Open your favourite terminal application- Run the key generation program:ssh-keygen -t rsaGenerating public/private rsa key pair.Enter file in which to save th...

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Downloading macOS installers from the command line

You can download the current version of macOS via the Mac App Store, and older ones via these links:macOS CatalinamacOS MojavemacOS High SierramacOS SierraOS X El CapitanOS X YosemiteIf, however, you find that you're unable to download using Software Update (with an error "Update not found" or "The requested version of macOS is not a...

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