Procurement and Purchasing

Buying stuff can be confusing. This is exacerbated when trying to decide between two seemingly identical items.

At Entity, we have positioned ourselves as a market disruptor when it comes to procurement. Building our long history in the Education arena, we import items directly and have access to the best wholesale pricing in New Zealand and pass these savings on to all our customers. Although we cannot offer a "lowest price guarantee", we do our level best to ensure that we offer the best pricing for our customers. We have been instrumental in reducing pricing across the market, standing toe-to-toe with the competition in like-for-like products—but we aren't bound by exclusive distribution contracts which means we give you the best product, not the best from a limited set of brands.

This also means that we have hugely varied product knowledge and a solid understanding of the "quality of build" of different offerings. What used to be high quality is not always so today and we will let you know if we think something's a lemon.

We have grown a significant quantity of scale for our customers, so each win we make on pricing against your go-to operators with big warehouses benefits all of our customers. Talk to us, we'll give you a quote and experience our unparalleled support in the process.

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