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With 20+ years of experience and firmly entrenched in the education and SME markets, we simply understand the need for uncomplicated. Mission-critical communications are essential in these environments.

Having realised that most of the systems available from international companies are incredibly expensive and shoehorned into organisations without consideration, we intentionally invested in the creation of our own converged, simple and scalable communications system. Our platform, whether on-premise, hosted or fully in the cloud is specifically geared toward taking technology away from the forefront of your mind.

We believe it is essential to enjoy the benefits of a corporate quality phone system, no matter whether you’re in a large, school environment, a nationwide business or a small team, our communications systems can help improve performance and deliver significant savings. We back that up with local service and proven support that you can depend on.

We have been supporting and delivering phone systems for almost two decades and, simply put, we understand what you need.

We have a number of on-premise, hosted or cloud-based communications solutions from which to choose, whether you need an old-school telephone system or a state-of-the-art Internet-based VoIP system, we have you covered.

One of these options is 3CX which is, if you're looking for something that just handles VoIP phones or simple analogue phones via a bridging device (called an ATA), quite a good option. If you would like us to manage your 3CX phone system, please click here to place an order.

The better option, in our opinion anyway, is our converged VoIP telephone offering. This option is extensible to cater to your every need. We can deliver phones, bells, emergency alerts and paging all through a single system. You can also program the bells and alerts through your everyday calendar.
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