IT Consulting (Independent Advice)

True to our roots, we specialise in providing independent IT consulting services. Naturally, we are interested in providing solutions that we have seen succeed elsewhere, but if you have a particular brand or provider preference, we will make it work for you. We measure success by our solutions, not by clipping the ticket.

Part of our ingrained culture is to regularly review projects and goals and suggest which technology solutions serve both your long-term and immediate needs. Our suppliers are evaluated on merit, not on sales pitches and bend over backwards to ensure the delivery comes when and as expected. Once again, the relationship with our suppliers is second to none and we keep it that way because we know it directly benefits our clients.

We don't fill our proposals with the fluff and porkies that so often get embedded in the material that comes across your desk from other providers. Instead, we use a clear and transparent process to ensure that you have all the relevant details on a variety of viable solutions, not just the profitable ones that line the pockets of those providing proposals. We undertake our own market research; let you know what exists; make good recommendations; and explain why. 

You ultimately make the decision that is best for your organisation, but with us as your partner, you can be sure that we are dedicated to helping you make the best decision possible.

Again, if you are succeeding then so are we.
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