Industrial Wireless Networks

Automation within factories and industrial sites is increasing on a large scale and the operational technology within these sites is becoming more orientated towards network and Internet access. However, connectivity to all the operational machinery cannot always be carried out via a standard cable (Copper or Fiber) networks.
In industrial sites, laying cable can be very difficult and expensive. In some cases, it can nearly be impossible due to security standards, the layout of the environment or due to heavy machinery. This opens the doors for industrial Wi-Fi, especially when it comes to linking buildings over a substantial distance (or the layout might change from time to time which a Wi-Fi network can easily be moved). The expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) in the coming years will also result in a major increase in the use of industrial Wi-Fi.

There are many market segments that cannot be considered industrial, but they share similar characteristics, such as a harsh environment.

Wireless Solutions:


Factories have an increasing need to have their operational technology to be connected. Wired network installations are not always possible or too expensive. Wireless access points can set up a network in a very harsh environment. In some of the environments, the wireless network will not only be for the equipment itself and the factory control centre but can also be set up to run non-core devices such as security alarms, cameras and voice solutions etc.


Warehouses can be environments that are dirty, dusty and while typically they are protected from the rain and wind, they can often have extremely high or low temperatures. In harsh environments, access points need to have ruggedised housings. Depending on the amount of movement of goods and personnel the wireless network needs to be set up to handle this type of environment.

Retail outlet or Warehouses

There is an increasing trend in retail outlets (furniture, DIY and others), to be set up as if they were warehouses. This requires wireless equipment set up specifically for this type of environment as they tend to require a network that not only operates as if it was a warehouse. they have additional needs such as POS (Point of Sale), client Wi-Fi and other needs required in an office environment.

Railway and Train Stations

The transport industry has its own unique wireless requirements. They tend to need industrial access points to be placed in different sites. For example railways, stations need to cope with dust, dirt and a wide temperature range.

At Entity, we work with a number of partners in the Industrial wireless arena and we can design and install a solution that is fit for your unique environment. Whether it's an internal wireless network, external building to building a network or a combination of the two we can provide a solution that will operate a stable platform for many years and be scalable to grow with your business.
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