About Us

Our story.

Four regular guys, each with well over 25 years in the IT industry, sat down together in 2014 and wondered, "Why are we competing — imagine what we could achieve if we worked together?" And with some dreaming and extensive collaboration, Entity Hub was born.

The four of us had exceptional working relationships with our existing clients. We had spent time building trusting and caring relationships that are only possible outside of corporate support models. We valued the people we were dealing with and took a personal interest in implementing solutions that worked for them — their success was our success. This is still the foundational ethic for our company and we lead this from the top down. Every single technician knows that a good relationship is part of good results. So at our heart, we still maintain our difference from the bigger players.

At the technical level, it made a huge amount of sense too. The variety of experience and talent that each of us had (and this is just scratching the surface), brought together extensive knowledge of high-level telecommunications infrastructure architecture, authorised Apple servicing experience and a hardware repair workshop, decades of coding experience, teaching experience, graphic design and workflow implementation brings the curiosity, problem-solving, depth of understanding and vision for the future that any organisation (or any person for that matter) needs. 

And the increase in capability has been astounding. We have more clients than ever, have expanded into becoming, fibre network provisioning, ISP services, distribution for computer hardware, telephony, audiovisual and pretty much anything else you can put power through. All the while maintaining our signature service at highly competitive pricing. 

From corporate to individuals, our support and service are tailored to your needs — not ours. Contact us now to see for yourself how we will help you succeed with your IT needs.

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