Managed Print Services

Whether you have a handful of printers scattered around your office or a fleet of 100+ spread across your nation-wide offices, management of these assets has become an essential piece of IT operations in any organisation and there are significant risks of NOT effectively managing your print devices. These risks essentially boil down to two things: security and sustainability. Both are important initiatives that help your organisation operate more effectively and efficiently.

Whether you are working fully in the cloud, completely on-premise or a hybrid of the two, organisations are still printing reams of information – admittedly, some more so than others. Much of this is secure information which immediately negates any security policies your information system has implemented. For industries such as healthcare, legal and government, information security is non-negotiable and extends into printed media. In less regulated organisations where security is less high-risk, there is still commercially sensitive information that needs to be protected. Managed Print Services can address both levels of need. To this end, you should consider the following:
  • User boxes and ID scanners: These solutions require the user to “sign in” at the printer when they are ready to pick up their printed project. This eliminates all the waste caused by users forgetting to claim the jobs they sent to the printer.
  • Personal printers: While normally we discourage the use of personal printers, they have their place in certain circumstances - data sensitivity and security is a good example. If specific employees or departments (finance or HR for example) print an excess amount of confidential information, one way to add a level of security is giving them personal or departmental printers only they have access to.
  • Hard drive encryption: Because printers save copies of their print data on their internal hard drives and are network accessible, they require extra security measures to ensure safe protection of the data stored and accessed through them. Hard drive encryption eliminates this risk.
  • Network encryption: End-to-end encryption from the users' computers and encrypted scan-to-email limits exposure to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Printers, like every piece of technology, use energy and resources. While Managed Print Services can’t eliminate that need, it can help optimise and streamline how much is used - more specifically by helping the reduction in the amount of excess paper and other supplies consumed. Additional solutions include:

  • Monitoring software: determine where the most prints are being produced, and then we can follow up to see how much of that is necessary or where modifications can be made.
  • User boxes and ID scanners: requiring users to check-in to the printer when they pick up their prints can greatly reduce the waste that occurs at most print devices in offices. (You know those piles of unclaimed print projects that build next to your printer, and are eventually tossed or recycled.)
We have been supporting printing in schools since 2001, so we know a thing or two about printing in a harsh environment. This plays a key role in providing you with the support needed to handle complex document processes and in integrating, enhancing and managing document solutions.

We supply and service the most up to date photocopiers, printers, multifunction, laser printers and full managed print services through our primary strategic print partner – Kyocera Document Solutions.

Our experienced staff will ensure that we supply you with the latest digital hardware and software solutions which will give you optimum versatility and flexibility – whatever your office environment.

Our products can perform various tasks in full colour or mono, from either individual or networked computers servicing multiple users. We also offer the latest in document capture management and distribution solutions.

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