End User License Agreements | Privacy Policies | Terms of Use for Common Education Applications and Products

At Entity, we take the online safety of your students very seriously, especially in a day and age where so much is going on in the digital environments that it’s hard for people to keep up with the ways in which our children are exposed.

Schools, by their very nature, are now having to make some of these decisions on behalf of the students and parents as they sign up for online services. While there’s a strong element of trust from the parents and students that their protection and privacy is being looked after by the school, we are acutely aware that in time-poor environments like the education sector, it’s hard to read the pages and pages of End User License Agreements, Privacy Policies or Terms of Use that each service sends your way. The problem is, that if the school doesn’t read these and a worst-case scenario takes place, the ensuing publicity will be a nightmare to navigate as well as be potentially expensive.

For full disclosure to parents, it’s important to have an understanding of what’s at stake and so we have created a webpage with links to the relevant policies of the main services that schools use. It’s then important to ensure your internal privacy policies are up to date and consent forms sent to parents are relevant to the services you are using.

Google Workspace for Educationhttps://workspace.google.com/terms/education_terms.html
Microsoft Schools Agreementhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/anz/schoolsagreement/
HERO (LINC-ED)https://hero.linc-ed.com/assets/docs/LINC_ED%20Hero_Privacy_Policy.pdf

Terms of Service: https://www.kamar.nz/support/legal

Privacy Policy: https://www.kamar.nz/support/privacy

MUSAC Edgehttps://www.edgelearning.co.nz/terms-and-conditions
Kindo | EZ Lunch | The Growth Collectivehttps://www.ezlunch.co.nz/pdf/TGCL_Account_Holder_Terms_of_Trade20140502.pdf
Reading Eggs | Math Seedshttps://readingeggs.com/privacy

Terms & Conditions: http://www.3plearning.com/terms/

Privacy Policy: https://www.3plearning.com/privacy/


Terms of Service: https://web.seesaw.me/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy: https://web.seesaw.me/privacy-policy


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