So what is WiFi calling and how do you enable it on your mobile phone?

Please note, your mobile operator has to make WiFi calling available on the network. Not all mobile operators do so, so please keep this in mind when following the instructions below.

"What is WiFi calling anyway?" you might ask. You might also ask "...and why do I need it?". The answer to the second question drives the answer to the first, so let's get into it. Firstly, mobile phones use cellular technology that is very similar to the radio methods used in the WiFi that you use at home, at the office or the hotspot at your favourite café – the closer you are to the radio source, the faster you can move larger amounts of data and the better the experience. The opposite is true too, the further away you are, the slower the communication and the worse the experience.

You may also ask "Why don't they have the long antennae that they used to have in my old Motorola brick phone because surely that would make it work better?". You're onto something here, but fo r two things:
  1. The antennae on today's mobile phones are significantly more efficient than the old phones from the 1980s and '90s.
  2. There is a fine balance between the impact on your health by being close to a microwave source and uninterrupted, good mobile communication.

So, if you're out in the wops and your mobile operator supports WiFi calling, the best option is to enable it. Naturally, different phones have different methods of getting this done, so if you have a phone that does not follow the instructions below, please contact us and let us know:

  • iPhone: 
    • Go to Settings and choose Mobile (or Cellular if you have an older version of iOS)
    • Go to Wi-Fi Calling
    • Press the slider next to Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone so that it shows green.
  • Samsung Galaxy:
    • Go to Settings and choose Call settings
    • Press the slider next to WiFi Calling so that it is selected.

To switch off WiFi calling, follow the instructions above and switch off the setting.

If you're reading this article and wonder what else you can do, you can opt for an unofficial cell booster. These are typically considered infrastructural and need to be installed professionally (which we can do for you). There are a few different ways these work, but commonly you have a high-gain antenna on the outside of your building which then comes into a signal booster and the signal is re-broadcast inside your building. There are some issues that need consideration here, however:

  • your phone will show a strong signal because it thinks the booster is the closest tower, however, if you have a bad signal at the outdoor antenna, you will still suffer the effects of a bad signal on your phone;
  • if you need coverage for other mobiles (possibly on different networks), we will need to supply a multi-band booster;
  • the antenna inside the building can only cover 5-10m of clear sight. If you need coverage beyond that, you may need additional booster(s);
  • at any stage in the future, the various mobile operators may detect your booster and blacklist it on their network(s)... you may also be charged for using an unauthorised device on the network;
  • similarly, the operator(s) may change the bands that their network operates on, which may, in turn, require some administration or even replacement of the booster. This is unlikely in the short to medium term.
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