Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide the required support for people using school- or company-owned and/or personal devices while helping them to stay productive no matter where they are. These devices may be mobile phones, tablets or computers and can be running Apple, Android, Windows or Chrome operating systems.

With service options to provide complete device lifecycle management, system-managed security policy enforcement and 24/7 end-user support, you can safeguard your devices and organisational information, whilst also lowering your costs.


Common Operating Environment (COE)

When selecting your MDM platform, you should also consider what your COE (the common IT architecture within your organisation). Some MDM solutions are superstars when it comes to one platform, but may have limited- to no support for other platforms.

Further to this, your MDM should be able to manage centralised network connections and, if necessary, limit the ability to connect to unknown networks.

Available and Competent IT Support

Whether you have internal IT staff or a contract with an IT provider, you need to also ensure that the administrators of your COE are able to competently administer your MDM solution.

Device lifecycle management

From raising a purchase order to writing off an asset, every organisation needs to manage the full lifecycle of its devices. Not all MDM solutions cater to all the aspects of this process, so it is essential to evaluate the fit of various solutions to your systems in advance.

Robust security

Your choice in MDM solution should be able to apply the relevant level of device- and data security with the ability to ensure important security policies such as mandatory passwords are enforced across your devices.

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