Team Profile

Entity Communications Ltd has highly trained staff and affiliates which can meet every demand of a modern telecommunications network. Our team consists of vendor trained individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. 

We have highly experienced IT and telecommunications technicians and engineers, trained in wireless and fixed-line services. We also have highly skilled height access technicians, certified in working at heights, pole top rescue and EWP operations. All our staff and contractors come fully equipped to carry out their duties in a quick and efficient manner.

We deploy the right vehicles for the right situation including commercial vans and 4x4 vehicles. We also have access to specialised vehicles should the need arise. We are available 24/7 to address any emergency situation that could arise within networks with minimal turnaround time. 

Team Composition

Our team comprises:
  • • Technical Project Managers TPMO
  • • Project Engineers - mobile, fixed-line services and energy solutions
  • • Fibre Optic Engineers (Access and Core)
  • • RF / RAN Engineers (Access and Core)
  • • Small Cell and DAS Engineers
  • • Transmission Engineers (Access and Core)
  • • Fibre Optic Technicians
  • • Structured Cabling Technicians
  • • Specialist Telecommunications Riggers
  • • Height Access Technicians
We also maintain strategic partnerships with experts in their fields across New Zealand, Asia/Pacific, Europe and South Africa. All staff and contractors working for Entity Communications are trained in all aspects and requirements of their functions and the requirements of our customers. We maintain an ongoing mentoring programme which focuses on and emphasises quality and accuracy over quick delivery. We continually review work undertaken to validate correct testing methodologies and advanced fault analysis and rectification.

Sample Equipment Experience

The following is a subset of the equipment our team is competent with:
  • • RF analyses and fault finding equipment (Anritsu Site Master, Anritsu BTS Master, Anritsu Cell Master, Kalues PIM iPA series)
  • • Spectrum analysers (Anritsu BTS Master, Rhodes and Schwartz Spectrum Analyser)
  • • Transmission testers and analysers (Anritsu CMA series, JDSU)
  • • Ethernet testing and protocol analysers(Metro and Carrier Class) (Anritsu CMA series, Anritsu OTN 100G)
  • • OTDR’s (EXFO and Anritsu CMA series)
  • • Fusion Splicers (Fujikura and Sumitomo)
  • • Fibre Identifiers, tone testers, light source and power meters
  • • Conformance testers (FLUKE DTx1800) 

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